Do Wrinkle Filler Work

Do Wrinkle Filler Work
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The formation of fine lines and deepening of wrinkles become more prominent as we age. This is why they are often lumped together as signs of skin aging. The reason behind line and wrinkle formation during our golden years is due to the body’s lack of collagen production.

A plump-cheeked child with a round and young face is at their peak of collagen production. As we age skin begins to sag due to the lack of natural collagen, which means the skin becomes less elastic and starts to droop.

Many people fight the common signs of aging because the truth is, wrinkles and lines do affect someone’s confidence. While some resort to drastic, expensive, and invasive solutions like plastic surgeries and Botox injections, that isn’t an option everyone is ready to explore. What are other options for those who want to address their wrinkles, lines, and other skin aging concerns?

There is one common anti-wrinkling solution people turn to if they do want to get painful cosmetic surgeries: wrinkle filling creams and serums. These are the kind of anti-aging solutions you can purchase at the pharmacy and do not require any injecting or any other painful procedures.

This makes people question, how do wrinkle filler work when they aren’t injected into the skin? Of course, this is followed by: “are they even effective?”

How Wrinkle Filler Work?

Although they do not produce the instant filling effects of injected fillers, over the counter creams and serums you find at department stores and pharmacies do soften fine lines and even address other skin problems like acne scars and uneven skin tone.

The main reason these products have the capability of softening the skin and making them look softer, younger, and plumper is a combination of the right ingredients.

Take note that not all fillers work the same way because of their formulation. When shopping for wrinkle fillers to use at home you should pay attention to the list of ingredients.

Specific ingredients like peptides and stem cells are excellent for encouraging cell growth, which results in more supple and plump looking skin. It also helps when the ingredients are more on the organic and natural side. This means that the skin can easily absorb the serum and cream, with wrinkles being filled more effectively.

Another factor to consider when looking at different wrinkle fillers and anti-aging creams is its consistency. Thick and oil-based products are useless because they tend to clog up the pores and result in an oily and undesirable look.

Silicone-based products, on the other hand, are not very effective because the outer layer of the skin cannot absorb it, which makes it useless.

Different Types of Anti-Aging Products

Do wrinkle filler work for everyone? The honest answer is, no. Not everyone will experience the same effects from the same kind of wrinkle filler because there are different types of wrinkles on the face.

Some may have light wrinkles that are easily remedied while others have deeper lines that are harder to clear. To help you find the best over the counter wrinkle solution, consider these different types of fillers:

  • Deep Wrinkle Filler – For those with deep and hard to fight wrinkles, deep wrinkle fillers that have a potent formula are the best. This kind of filler can work for the neck, the jawline, and cheeks. Look for fillers with a high concentration of anti-wrinkling peptides because they treat the skin beyond the surface.
  • Over Night Creams – The best time to use anti-wrinkling products is at night because the skin is in full repair mode. Helping your skin repair itself during the night with the use of fillers that contain stem cells will create a more youthful and glowing skin in the morning.
  • Day Creams – Fight the signs of skin aging while you go about your day when you apply day creams over your face. This type of cream will also include sunblock and UV protection to ensure no further damage is done on your skin while you are out and about.

The key to finding the right over the counter anti-wrinkling products is to know the target areas. Once you have a clear goal in mind, you can find products that target those specific lines and wrinkles.

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